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Yin Yang Cat Crystal Grid

Yin Yang Cat Crystal Grid

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Yin & Yang the balance of Masculine & Feminine, dark & light. One does not exist without the other.

Yin is characterised as representing the feminine energy, dark, subtle, unknown, introspective, quietly powerful, the Moon.

Yang is said to represent the masculine energy, action, bright, outward, exuberant, strong, forceful, the Sun.

The balance of both these energies is important to be in harmony.

The Cat embodies both these energies well, Cat knows all about timing she will wait, patiently, hidden in the darkness & will strike when the time is right. Curious by nature Cat will explore unknown territory - much like us delving into our own spirituality.

This Grid is 23cm wide. Please note as this is a natural product made out of birch wood, each grid has its own unique characteristics.