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Love intention Set

Love intention Set

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The Crystals in this set are activated & programmed with the intention of bringing love into your life, this can be in many different ways!

The great thing with crystals is you can activate them to help you with what you want, and then let the crystals guide you:

This set also includes a Love spell & sage & herb smudge to burn. 

  • Rose Quartz - The unconditional love stone, attracts love to you & also heals your heart & heart chakra so that you are open to receiving love.
  • Garnet - Inspires love & devotion, boosts your self confidence & balances any emotional disharmony.
  • Rhodonite -  Promotes love of others & self love. Heals the heart & helps with forgiveness, especially past hurts that may be holding you back from love now.
  • Rainbow Aura - Helps bring great insight into all relationships in your life releasing any negative emotions or projections. Gives you passion & zest for life, with a great manifesting energy.
  • Pink Opal - Brings in love, passion & peace, a very calming stone, great for people sensitive when it comes to love.
  • Kyanite - Encourages speaking your truth & being authentically you. Helps you to conquer fear & work through blockages you may have.

Each crystal is of a high grade, shapes & sizes will vary.