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Honey Bee Crystal Grid

Honey Bee Crystal Grid

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The Bee symbol has represented many things throughout history, working together as a community - the sweet nectar of life itself - harnessing your own personal power to create something wonderful & nourishing.

Many Ancient peoples such as the Druids held the Bee in high regard claiming it symbolised the Sun, the Goddess, celebration & coming together.

The geometric pattern the Bee is sitting on is named the "Sri Yantra" known to be thousands of years old, this shape creates the harmonising of all energy that eventually occurs throughout creation, often depicted in Mandalas.

This Yantra is highly revered as it depicts the process of spirit emerging from the source into the physical realm.

Great info about these sacred symbols & shapes on google.

This Grid is 23cm wide. Please note as this is a natural product made out of birch wood, each grid has its own unique characteristics.