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Clear Quartz Elixir Bottle By Aura Elixir

Clear Quartz Elixir Bottle By Aura Elixir

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+ The Amplifier +

Clear quartz has been used by ancient civilisations as a healing & spiritual tool, they knew the benefits of this healing crystal, known as the Master Healer clear quartz heals & opens your chakras, amplifying energy this crystal will help you to manifest your goals! 

This crystal is of pure divine love & magnifies this energy out into your environment making this a great elixir crystal, set your intent & let clear quartz do the rest!

+ Natural Amethyst Quartz + Carry sleeve + Stainless Steel + Glass + BPA free + 600ml

We promise that each Crystal is personally checked to ensure the best quality, please be aware that each Crystal is natural and unique and may vary from the picture shown.