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Citrine Elixir Bottle By Aura Elixir

Citrine Elixir Bottle By Aura Elixir

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~ The Light Bringer ~

Citrine is said to carry the power of the sun within it, making it a powerhouse of revitalising & manifesting energy.

This bright & inspiring stone brings a wealth of joy & abundance into your life, its very helpful at getting your creativity flowing, helping you prioritise what makes you happy!

Citrine is good at quieting an over critical mind, allowing you to see & focus on all of your good qualities. You will be feeling lighter & happier before you know it!

*Eco Friendly *Natural Citrine *Carry sleeve *Stainless Steel *Glass *BPA free *600ml

We promise that each Crystal is personally checked to ensure the best quality, please be aware that each Crystal is natural and unique and may vary from the picture shown.