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Amethyst Cathedral

Amethyst Cathedral

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Amethyst is easily the most popular & sort after Crystal, not only is it absolutely stunning, but it is a fantastic all rounder, essential in anyone's Crystal healing kit.

Here are a few Amethyst properties:

  • Heals physical ailments as well as emotional issues.
  • Purifies the spirit, aura & mind, clearing it of negative thoughts.
  • Promotes self love.
  • A master stone for spiritual awakening.
  • Excellent for meditation.
  • Creates calm & peace in your environment.
  • Powerful protection stone.

This piece is a stunning Cathedral piece, this means there is several points at the top but they are all part of the main crystal, this amplifies the healing energy, it acts as a receptor & transmitter, containing knowledge from of all events that have occurred on earth throughout the ages.

30cm long and 12 cm wide, this is a show stopper.