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Intuition is key.

I don't know about you guys but when I first wanted to seriously delve into the world of Crystal healing, I felt like I had to do a bunch of different Crystal & healing courses... so I did. And then even after all that... I still didn't believe I had enough knowledge to help heal others (outside of family) or to at-least pass on knowledge to others. So I pretty much kept it to myself for years, continuously going to talks, reading book after book, linking in on webinars, spiritual church, yup I did it all. I still told myself it was not enough, I mastered reiki, reflexology, numerology, moon goddess rituals. And still I did not believe in my knowledge. It wasn't until I was talking to a very dear naturally psychic friend of mine, she said to me "so what do you normally do for a healing? What knowledge do you use?" and I said well actually I don't, I'm just guided to what crystals or healing someone needs... and then it clicked for me, I could study all the crystal literature in the world, and still not feel like I know enough, but its my intuition that I tap into that guides me to what people need, yes it helps to have knowledge, but its not everything. Since this realisation, I do not question my intuition, and once you learn to listen & trust, the rest unfolds like magic! I truly believe we can all self heal if we just open up & listen a little bit more.


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