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How it all started....

Once upon a time, a long time ago.. (ok not that long ago) I was a nervous 5 year old ready to embark on my first day of school. I was shy & scared, as well as slightly socially awkward. My Mother being the absolute goddess that she is told me that she had a secret for me, a very special secret, she summoned me to come closer, intrigued & ready to accept any help I could to stop shaking with fear, I walked closer and put out my hands as she had instructed, she dropped something into my hands & closed them..

I slowly peered into the gap in my hands, it seemed to be a smooth pink heavy little egg, straight away I was in awe of it, its a special egg I whispered, yes Mum said its a Rose Quartz Crystal & it will look after you today, you will have no worries, you want even miss me.

I didn't even question it - it felt so special & magic, I knew it must be true.

The end of the day came before I knew it, and I ran to Mum with the biggest grin on my face, she asked how my day had been & I advised my day went really well, but for some of the other kids not so much, there was a lot of crying I explained, and then I Whispered "their Mum's don't know about magic crystals!"

That's when the love affair began.

I know I have written this like a story, but from the perspective of 5 year old me, it was a rather magical fairytale!

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