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Facial Rollers....?

As you all probably know by now, I whole heartedly believe in the healing abilities of Crystals - I have witnessed this first hand through out my life. But when it came to Crystal facial rollers, well I was a non believer.. If you are not familiar with these they are wands often with two ends that have rollers, traditionally made out of Jade & have been used for centuries in Ancient China, to firm & tone your skin, helping circulation & even collagen production. They have resurfaced for awhile now & you can get them in many different types of Crystals. When they first came out - again - they were pretty expensive, in particular the Rose Quartz rollers were fetching up to the $100 mark, which was probably what put me off..  But eventually I decided to buy one online from an overseas company (for really cheap) the first time I tried it the roller broke off & I ended up scratching my face with the metal clasp.... That was the end of facial rollers for me.

Until the other day one of my suppliers got some in, he pointed them out to me, I was underwhelmed by them of course due to my past experiences, but he said people were raving about them.. really? raving? I realised I had to try one, (these were a lot sturdier than my cheap purchase) I decided I had to research for myself as I am only going to sell things that I actually believe work.

I brought an Opalite facial roller, mainly because it stood out to me & well I love Opalite. I watched a youtube video on the best way to use it - I didn't want to be massaging my face wrong - and it turns out there is a bit of a technique due to the lymphatic drainage in our face its best to stroke from the middle of your face outward & then down your neck - it was weirdly satisfying, and I now find myself doing it a lot, especially when I am just sitting watching TV, its quite soothing & the roller itself is quite cooling to the face. But apart from feeling good are there benefits??

After a week of using my facial roller, I do actually feel like my skin looks more toned - maybe it is because the massaging circulates the blood, maybe its the Opalite? My skin is definitely feeling more taught, if you use it after you moisturise its suppose to help work the product in, so that's probably helping as well... As far as increasing collagen production I personally cannot claim it has done that, I wouldn't know how much I had before? 

I have four on my site for sale now, if you haven't tried them already I can confidently say you wont be disappointed. If you have experiences with these good or bad I would love to know, please comment or send me a message!

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