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Danburite Dreams

I have always known of Danburite, but have never really thought of working with it, I'm not too sure why it has never had my attention, Its a gorgeous crystal, it's just never been on my radar. Not until just recently.

I had a dream probably about a month ago now - the dream was rather simple, a rather far off voice repeating Danburite with an actual piece of Danburite in my hand, I kept turning it over & looking at it from all angles, it was really resonating with me, it was a slightly pinky peachy hue, but it definitely had a message for me. I woke in the morning - knowing I was going to source some Danburite pieces.

But why? Why did I dream of Danburite & what are its healing qualities that I or maybe someone who will read this needs?

I slept with my piece of Danburite under my pillow the first night, I had very busy dreams, a lot going on, when I woke in the morning I felt quite tired & there were a couple of shards that had broken off, so I do not recommend sleeping with it.

Since then it has been on my bedside table, I have been having the best sleeps, I haven't slept so much for a very long time, very deep sleeps, with great dream recall. So I then did a little research, I like to personally experience the crystal first, then I look at what others say it does, after a little research I found it is known for inducing lucid dreaming - so it's doing its job. I also did a post about patience on insta the other day & then found out later Danburite is good for promoting patience & peace of mind, so it definitely is having an influence on me - I am also a very emotional person & it seems to be balancing me out quite a bit, I'm not sweating the small stuff. All in all a big thank you to whoever was guiding me in my dream to get a piece of Danburite - its now a crystal I will be using a lot from now on!

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