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Buying Crystals is a personal thing, I know.

Before starting our online Crystal journey, I knew that the biggest challenge would be the fact that people could not touch, feel or see our crystals in person. 

Its often all about the energetic connection, once you pick up a crystal and you can't put it down... well you've brought it!

I know people love to go to a crystal shop to look at them & just soak up the gorgeous crystal vibes, hello that was me! But alas these days overheads are pretty scary & it just means you end up charging more, so there is definitely pros & cons.

The good thing I realised is that energy is not limited to touch, people can feel & get good vibes from your photos, and it's not too hard to take a reasonably good photo of a crystal, they do most of the work! or it can be down to your description you write, it might just be the right words to really strike a cord with someone.

The hard thing is I don't get to build a relationship with you, well not as easily, I want to be your trusted crystal guru lady, but I am just at my keyboard.. (surrounded by crystals I might add, so its not all bad) but it does make it a bit tricky..

One thing I can say is that when I had the rare opportunity to actually visit a mine, it really opened my eyes, these crystals have a destiny that none of us can predict, crystals travel to all the corners of the world, after sitting and growing in the depths of the earth for millions of years? Um wow!!

I still maintain if a crystal is meant for you, it will find you, whether its in a shop or out in cyberspace, and I can promise every crystal I choose is because I believe I am helping them get to where they are meant to be!

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