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Bring back the lucky dip days..!

When I was a child there use to be these really big Gem shows, it was were everyone would save up to get their crystals, people would do huge trips just to go to the Gem show which was held once or twice a year.. (Or so Mum use to say, I am suspicious of this now, if anyone could confirm this with me, would be great).

My Mum would always give me $5 to spend on any crystal my heart desired.. I would always go the lucky dip route, sometimes you got nothing but Jasper (which is a perfectly good crystal) but sometimes your gamble paid off & you would get rather rare crystals.. One time I got a whole bunch of staurolite.. & when I learnt they were known as the fairy cross, well how excited was I, what a find!

The packages themselves were often wrapped in some sort of oddly patterned gift paper, and placed in big boxes so you could rifle down to the bottom, I would always try choose the one that felt the biggest (hence why I probably always got big bits of Jasper) which is actually one of my favourite stones now, so I will stop sounding disappointed about it.. Its just as a child I wanted the prettier ones, you know?

The cool thing is I ended up with such a good crystal collection, and with crystals that I wouldn't have necessarily picked myself, had I had the choice. Which is great because the crystals chose me! And when I look back now & read the many properties of the crystals, (yes I still have all of the crystals) it makes sense, I can see why that crystal was brought into my life, and it makes it so special!

So even though I am connecting with you guys on a website & unfortunately not at a giant gem show, I want to bring the excitement of the lucky dip back! I am thinking of doing a $10 - $15 lucky dip on the site & will put it out to the universe which crystals would be best for each individual person that purchases a lucky dip. 

And I can promise you they won't all be jasper! (unless you're really meant to have some).


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